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Aluminum Jewelry: Maintaining That Upscale Look

Aluminum Jewelry: Maintaining That Upscale Look

Aluminum jewelry has been gaining in popularity over the past few years, with jewelers as well as consumers.

A large portion of my business is taking a customers’ idea or motivation and translating it into a hand stamped piece of jewelry. More often that not, those special dates, children’s names or inspirational words are placed on an aluminum cuff.

From a consumer standpoint aluminum is affordable, but looks expensive when worn.  Wide 1” and 2” sterling silver cuffs that would range from $150-250 can easily be reproduced using this less expensive metal alternative.  The pieces are lightweight, making them perfect for layering with other bangles to create a look that is uniquely you. 

Another benefit of Aluminum jewelry is that it’s easy to care for. In the summer months when you are wearing these cuffs, the dirt and sweat from your skin can make them appear dull. You can use a jewelry polishing cloth to shine them up, but the easiest and most effect way to clean them is with soap and water.  Dawn dishwashing soap is my favorite.  With a little wash down and a good polishing rub from a clean towel, your piece will look brand new.

I often wear my cuffs when swimming, and while the water won’t damage the metal, over time it may dissolve the ink off of the lettering.  Lucky for you there is a low tech, low cost way of making your piece look brand new. 

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