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Jar of Mistakes or Endless Possibilities?

Jar of Possibilities
Jar of Possibilities

I make a lot of personalized pieces.  It’s one of my favorite things to do.

I am fortunate enough to have the most creative customers who help design their own custom bracelets.

As with learning anything new, designing something for someone else is almost always accompanied with mistakes, frustration at having to begin again and sometimes some screaming.  But in the end, if your persistent, you always gain skill, knowledge and a sense of satisfaction when it all comes together.

To this end, I keep a jar of metal blanks filled with my mistakes.

It resides on my workspace, sometimes taunting, but more often that not, a focal point for inspiration.

It’s a reminder for me, for those times when I get frustrated, to never give up.

Battered pieces that were once a misfortune are now a canvas for creativity.  Since they are already marred any fear of making an error is gone and I am free to explore the endless possibilities.