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How To Wear A Cuff Bracelet – Maintaining It’s Shape and Form

How To Wear A Cuff Bracelet – Maintaining It’s Shape and Form

To maintain the shape of your cuff it’s important that you are putting it on and take it off correctly.

A cuff bracelet does not close completely and is typically worn low on the wrist instead of pushed up on the forearm like a bangle.

How to Adjust Cuff Bracelets:

Most cuff bracelets are adjustable. They can be opened or closed up to about a 1/4  inch larger or smaller. However, you don’t want to bend the cuff every time you put it on or take it off.  This will put stress on the center of the bracelet, causing the metal to weaken and eventually crack or break.  Cuffs usually only need to be adjusted once.
If you find that you are having to bend your cuff to get it to stay on, you may need to re-size it.

To get a good fit, adjust the cuff when it is off your wrist.  Using both hands, one on each end, gently pry the ends apart or push them together until the width of the opening is large enough to slide onto your wrist. (See image below.)

How to Wear A Cuff Bracelet:

To wear, hold the cuff in your opposite hand with the opening facing out.  Starting at the thumb side of your wrist push the opening onto the fleshy part of your arm (just above the wrist bone) and roll it on.

Roll the cuff onto your wrist

How to Determine the Size:

The easiest way to determine the correct size is to get an accurate measurement of your wrist.  Measure your wrist just below the wrist bone with a flexible tape measure  OR measure your wrist with a string, Mark your wrist size and use a ruler to determine the length. Ideally you want a bracelet that measures about a  1/2″ smaller (from end to end) than your overall wrist measurement/circumfrence.

how to measure your wirst

 If you have any questions, it’s always best to contact the seller prior to your purchase.