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Caring For Your Hand Stamped Jewelry : A Guide For Giving It a Facelift

Caring For Your Hand Stamped Jewelry :  A Guide For Giving It a Facelift

As mentioned in my previous post, the best way to clean aluminum jewelry is with soap and water (Dawn dishwashing soap being my favorite). With a little wash down and a good polishing rub from a clean towel, your piece will shine like new.

As these aluminum cuffs are worn, especially if you are active, or if you swim or bathe while wearing them, the black on the lettering may dull or wear off. 

The easiest and most effective way to make them stand out again is with a black sharpie pen…yes as sharpen pen.

This technique will work on any type of metal: silver, copper, brass, sterling.  And is especially great for hand stamped rings as they have frequent exposure to soap and water.

Follow the directions below and your rings, bracelets, and necklaces can quickly and easily be restored to a like-new condition.

Darken your text with a black Sharpie marker
Step 1:
Make sure your piece is dry. Take a fine point black Sharpie pen and color in the lettering. Work in small sections, as the sharpie will dry quickly, wiping away any excess marker as you go.  If the ink is immediately wiped away the paper towel will actually remove most of the ink.
Refresh your hand stamped jewelry.
Step 2:
After all of your letters have been coated and your piece has been wiped as clean as possible, take a jewelry polishing cloth and polish away any marker that is left behind. My favorite way to clean and touch up pieces is with pretreated Pro Polishing Pads. They remove tarnish from brass, copper, and sterling silver and are perfect for hand-polishing. I’ve found they are the best way to brighten and restore your jewelry at home.

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