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Looking for Love: Searching for Jewelry You Love Without All The Baggage

Looking for Love:  Searching for Jewelry You Love Without All The Baggage

Did you know that most allergic reactions caused by jewelry are due to the nickel content that is often found in base metals?

1 out of every 7 people has some form of metal allergy, which can irritate skin and cause dermatitis.

While some may believe they are allergic to gold and fine and sterling silver, these metals only cause reactions in extremely rare circumstances.  More often that not, this happens when base metals are plated to help keep costs down.

For most of us with sensitive skin, it can often be difficult to find pieces of jewelry that we love that don’t cost a fortune; luckily there are other options:

Surgical stainless steel, that is frequently use for earring posts is now making it’s way into bracelets and necklaces.  Stainless steel is sometimes combined with other metals, so when you go to purchase look for “surgical stainless steel” in the description of the product.  If you don’t see this you may want to check before you invest your money.

100% pure food grade aluminum is one of my favorite mediums to work with.  It is lightweight, does not tarnish and has no added alloys that will cause allergic reactions.  The metal is pliable and bracelets can be easily adjusted to a custom fit.  It is perfect for stamping and can be found in many different forms. This is a great low cost way of wearing silver without the worry.

Sterling silver and fine silver are a bit pricier, but they come without the hassle of having to clarify the metal content. Most vendors will clearly mark products as .925(sterling silver) or “fine silver” so you know what you are getting.