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Precious Metal Clay (PMC) – The Adult Playdo

Precious Metal Clay (PMC) – The Adult Playdo

PMC Hand Cast Charms

Do you remember when you were a kid and you spent hours playing with play-doh: Rolling it, smushing it, and creating?

Well I just recently fell in love with it’s adult equivalent, PMC (Precious Metal Clay). It’s exactly what the name implies: A clay like medium that contains miniscule particles of metal (fine silver, sterling silver, copper, brass).  The amazing part is that you have the ability to shape it like any clay, form it into letters, shapes, animals, etc. and then once it is dry you put it in a jewelry kiln for about an hour. Once the heat from the kiln burns the clay binder away, you are left with a solid metal piece.  Simply amazing.

These are some of my first pieces.  I am so thrilled with the result.