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Tracy Cormell Owner String Of Jewels
Tracy Cormell

I’ve always loved jewelry, beads and beautiful colors. As a child growing up, my father traveled for his job and we were fortunate as a family to be able to travel as well. I remember getting some of my favorite pieces from these trips: An Ivory necklace from Barbados, a Faberge egg pendant from Russia, a beaded Indian necklace from a small country store in Virginia.

In college I began my career path in Speech/Language Pathology which gave me the opportunity to work with the most amazing children. I was fortunate enough for 10 years to do something meaningful and that I loved. I worked with children with autism, developmental disabilities and severe speech disorders to help design communication systems for them to navigate their daily lives.

Then came my own children and I took a hiatus from work to stay at home. I began to look for outlets for my creativity and a way to keep my brain active. As I developed my skills and expanded my interested I fell in love with metals, hand stamping and having the freedom to personalized pieces.

My line of custom hand stamped leather cuffs and metal bangles were created to allow my customers express their feelings, profess love, motivate and inspire; to give them an opportunity to create a piece that is as distinctive as they are.

I am proud to have created a place where customers can have input in designing their own custom piece; where the process is simple but the outcome is meaningful. I love creating personalized messages for others. Visit my shop where you are free to be yourself.


My best creations.
My best creations.

I am a lucky mother of two extraordinary little people and owner of the most endearing dog on earth; coffee drinker, chocolate connoisseur, yogi in training and literary enthusiast.